Jianwu, joined March 2018


Master Marco (yeah, I'm not the only one who calls him this way ;) ) is definitely not only a great coach but also an inspiring spiritual mentor. I have improved my HM pace by at least 30 secs/km over the past seven months under his guidance, which is really a miracle to me at an age of 40. His therapy plan for my achilles tendinitis also works very well and I don't need to worry about the issue now.

He never gives you too much pressure, instead you will always be encouraged and motivated when training with him. I like what he told me "You will never let me down unless you don't even have a try", "Train hard, train smart", and "Let's do it bit by bit" when we were talking about some ambitious goals. I do enjoy training with Marco, and I'm sure you will find the fun, too!

— Jianwu M. (Suzhou, China)